“I was very impressed with her skills and I am confident that she would be a great asset for anyone looking for a self-motivated, organized entrepreneur with excellent communication skills.”

Rob Brink, Ph.D.
Senior Patent (Legal) Counsel

"I would listen to Ms. Henricks give another lecture in a heartbeat!"

Instructor/Speaker Evaluation

"She was very interesting to listen to.  She did an amazing job . . . Overall, fantastic"

Instructor/Speaker Evaluation 

“Shelly has the enviable ability to think creatively and translate those thoughts into a logical and achievable execution plan. Her energy and can-do attitude are contagious.”

Lorraine Z. Leahy
Principal, Leahy Leadership

"Interesting, engaging . . . Two thumbs waaaay up."

Instructor/Speaker Evaluation

“ . . . (she) possesses the unique talent to approach situations from many different angles in order to provide in-depth analyses followed with practical and well thought-out solutions."

Bert Jacobson, Ed.D, FASCM
Seretean Endowed Professor
Oklahoma State University

"Fantastic job!  Loved it!"

"Absolutely wonderful and engaging!  I was not bored once."

Instructor/Speaker Evaluations

“Shelly Henricks has been a key player in helping The Rise School begin its successful program.”

Rachel Stallings,
The Rise School of Stillwater
Oklahoma State University

"She was very energetic and her presentation skills were great."

Instructor/Speaker Evaluation

"My experience with Shelly is that she is a bold and visionary thinker who possesses both the technical skills and the business savvy to develop and implement creative programs across settings and situations."

Christine K. Ormsbee, Ph.D.
Head, School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership
Oklahoma State University

"Shelly Henricks did an an absolutely fabulous job . . . "

Instructor/Speaker Evaluation

". . . she was an invaluable resource . . . she anticipated certain needs and put me in touch with people to meet those needs . . ."

Gretchen M. Cole-Lade, M.Ed., NBCT
College of Education
Oklahoma State University



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